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DC Water is proposing a change in its previously approved rates for FY2020 that could impact your bill. Under the proposal, a portion (18%) of the Clean Rivers Project would be funded by the sewer volumetric rate. The balance would still come from the Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge (CRIAC).

Shifting some of the Clean Rivers cost recovery to the volumetric rate gives customers more control over the amount that they pay towards the project. The change is expected to lessen the burden on customers with larger properties and more impervious cover, because the CRIAC charge will be reduced. Conversely, properties with high water consumption could pay more. Small volume customers in every class would generally pay less and average Residential customers would pay about the same.

This calculator will allow you to estimate what your bill will be next year if the new rates are approved, and what it would have been without the shift.

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